Beautiful Music Encyclopedia - 1 - Franck Pourcel

Here is a poem from T. KINUTA with an illustration of trees.

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Loose Translation from the page:


    A city not on the map

I want to see the flowers bloom on the plane tree
On that day, you said with hot eyes
After a year, on this day of promise...
You two are talking with the faces of strangers

Your hair's different, your taste in clothes has changed
You're adjusting to life in another city
I miss you, but all I can say is thank you
I can only look back and say thank you
Youth is ending, like the wind
I'll put an end to our fairy tale
This town is gray and hazy
I guess it's because one of my dreams is gone

You and I both just overlooked it
In spring, flowers gently bloomed in the shadows of the leaves.
Even those who pay attention to the hidden thorns
A little sincerity... You don't even notice it.
Even if I trace the map of my youth
I can never return to this town in full bloom
This town looks old...
It's probably because one love has died.