Beautiful Music Encyclopedia - 1 - Franck Pourcel

An Intro (Preface) with some information about the goal of this book.

Here is some information and samples of some of the pages:

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- Members of the Orchestra - Poem - Discography -
- Grammy Awards - European Contests - Classical Themes -
- Concerts in Japan - Themes in Radio - Advertisement -

Translation from the page:


    Recently, the two formats of MOR (Middle of the Road) and Beautiful Music on American radio stations have shown an increasing trend each year. The songs outside of the two sides, rock and classical, so-called Beautiful Music, are the most abstracted music, and therefore can communicate with many people in a common mind. Beautiful music can lead us into a world of deep thought, and the world of imagination can be as rich as it can be--..... Our intention is not only to publish NOW pop music, but also to explore the world of feeling, which varies greatly from person to person. In order to scatter elements that allow the reader to express himself freely, we have abandoned any notion of sifting the contents of similar books by a certain level of fame. This is a valuable musical book, a valuable record of the flow of easy listening, and a history of the popular music of Franck Pourcel as a leading artist. Pourcel has recorded almost all of the standard classics of the past and present. For Purcell fans, it is significant that his power has been so well represented in print. We believe that the general fans of popular music will appreciate this unique music book series, which began with the "Pourcel Edition." We hope you will pay attention to the artists and music in the subsequent editions.

(Editor's Postscript)