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DVD - Farewell Concert

This is a live performance of  Paul Mauriat and his Orchestra  for his last performance in Osaka, Japan and it is one of those concerts that has been appearing in different formats and from different sellers. There are Japanese, American, Taiwanese and other releases. Also known as Sayonara Concert.

Paul Mauriat - Farewell Concert

Release Information:

1999 Val Productions
Osaka Festival Hall, November 29th 1998
Produced by Valentin Coupeau for Val Productions
- Jean Bernard - piano
- Michel Casses - gastón
- Mieko Miyazaki - koto
Release: VICTOR OCV-150 01
Running Time: 93:58 minutes.

Track Listing:

  1. Introduction
  2. Space Race
  3. My Heart Will Go On
  4. Invitation to the Dance (Weber)
  5. La Traviata / Prelude (Verdi / Arranged by Paul Mauriat)
  6. Etude in a New Form (Paul Mauriat)
  7. The Tramp (Delibes / Arranged by M. Cassez)
  8. Begin the Beguine (Cole Porter)
  9. Piano Concerto No. 21 - Andante (Mozart)
  10. Caravan (I. Mill / D. Ellington & J. Tizol)
  11. Thais - Meditation (Massenet / Arranged by Paul Mauriat)
  12. Czardas (Monti / Arranged by Paul Mauriat)
  13. Toccata & Fugue in D Minor (Bach / Arranged by Paul Mauriat)
  14. Gymnopedie - Piano Solo (Erik Satie)
  15. Dolls and Dreams - Koto Solo (Paul Mauriat & Gambus)
  16. Serenade a Coline (Paul Mauriat)
  17. Toccata (G. Rolland)
  18. Penelope (Augusto Alguero)
  19. Love is Blue (Andre Popp / P. Cour) / El Bimbo (C. Morgan) / Bows (Paul Mauriat)
  20. Medley:
    - Introduction / January Chill
    - March Awakening (B. Arcadio)
    - Okinawa Sailing - Koto and Piano (M. Miyazaki)
  21. Hungarian Dance No.5 (Brahms / Arranged by Paul Mauriat)

Track 19 - Bows  is the typical part where Mauriat receives flowers and salute people.
Track 20 - Hungarian Dance - people are clapping and holding incandescent lights, and then the audience starts singing Joy with Mauriat "conducting" the choir.

Paul Mauriat - Farewell Concert


Special Thanks to:
- Mike Nakamura - Music League
- Fukuji Hashimoto - Kyodo Osaka
- Kohki Komo - Curiosity
- Tohru Kikuchi - Tokyo Onken
- Toshiji Sato - Kyoritz
Sound Mixing at Studios du Palais, Paris
Sound Engineer: Dominique Poncet
Video editing at IMAGICA Studios, Tokyo