From the Paul Mauriat's Orchestra - From the tours

The Percussionists and Drummers from the tours
Alain Huteau - percussion player Alvaro Lopez - drums Armand Cavallaro - player Antonio de Almeida Toniquinho - player
Alain Huteau

Alvaro Lopez

Antonio de Almeida "Toniquinho"
Armand Cavallaro

Claude Jean - percussion player Daniel Ciampolini - percussion player Didier Sutton - percussion player Didier Guazzo - player
Claude Jean
Daniel Ciampolini
Didier Guazzo
Didier Sutton
Franck Bacri - percussion player Gérard Salmieri - percussion player Gilbert Gambus - percussion player Gilles Perrin - percussion player
Franck Bacri
Gèrard Salmieri
Gilbert Gambus
Gilles Perrin
Ian Finkle - percussion player Ivan Maranho Mamao - player Jean-Paul Ceccarelli - player Marc Hazon - player
Ian Finkle
Ivan Maranho "Mamao"
Jean-Paul Ceccarelli
Marc Hazon
Marcel Sabiani - player Michel Delaporte - percussion player Michel Lolin - percussion player Robert Soltchnik  - percussion player
Marcel Sabiani
Michel Delaporte
Michel Lolin
Robert Soltchnik 
S. Chouraqui
S. Chouraqui - player Thierry Chauvet-Peillex - drums  - player  - player
S. Chouraqui
Thierry Chauvet-Peillex