Anthologie Orchestrale 1957-1963

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Anthologie Orchestrale 1957-1963 2CD

Marianne Melodie, France. 50 tracks, 38 for the first time on CD.

CD 1

Paul Mauriat et son grand orchestre - From LP "Tu Viens Danser" (1960) Bel-Air

  1. Itsi bitsi petit bikini (André Salvet, Lucien Morisse, Lee Pockriss)
  2. Banjo Boy (Jean Broussolle, Charly Niessen)
  3. Si je pouvais ne plus t'aimer (I'll Never Fall in Love Again)
    (Johnny Ray, Fernand Bonifay)
  4. L'olivier (Maurice Mérane, Eddy Marnay, Léo Missir)
  5. Quand tu m'embrasses (Charles Aznavour, Eddie Barclay)
  6. Tête de bois (Gilbert Becaud, Pierre Delanoë)
  7. L'enfant prodigue (Jacques Plante, Charles Aznavour)
  8. L'annonce faite à Betty (Jean Belin, Léo Missir, Fernand Andréoli)
  9. Les marrons chauds (Clément Nicolas, Georges Garvarentz)
  10. Le grand train bleu (Roger Varnay, Hank Hunter, Jack Keller)
    Paul Mauriat et son orchestre - Single 221046 Bel-Air (1960)
  11. Amour je te dois (Robert Gall, Pierre Dorsey)
  12. Sur la Moskova (Bernard Deharbre, Marc Heyral)
    Paul Mauriat et son orchestre - Single 221087 Bel-Air (1961)
  13. Garde moi la dernière danse (Save the Last Dance for Me) (André Salvet, Francois Lienas, Doc Pomus, Mort Shuman)
  14. L'amour fait la loi (Apache) (Hubert Ithier, Pierre Amel, Jerry Lordan)
  15. Dix mille bulles bleus (Le mille bolle blu) (Pierre Delanoë, Carlo Alberto Rossi)
  16. Le petit tramway (Jacques Larue, Guy Magenta)
    Paul Mauriat et son orchestre - Single 221 100 Bel-Air (1961)
  17. Le voyageur sans étoile (Eddy Marnay, Guy Magenta)
  18. Dans un million d'années (André Pascal, Paul Mauriat)
  19. Leibelei (Nuit et jour) (Bernard Dimey, Ralph Bauer)
  20. Tu Peux (Fernand Bonifay, Al Nevins, arrangements from André Paté)
    Paul Mauriat et son grand orchestre - From LP "Paris By Night" 361 014 (in Stereo) (1961)
  21. Sous le ciel de Paris (Hubert Giraud) / Padam Padam (Norbert Glanzberg)
  22. C'est si bon (Henri Betti) / I Love Paris (Cole Porter) / Paname (Léo Ferré)
  23. Les feuilles mortes (Joseph Kosma) 2:14
  24. Symphonie (Alex Alstone)
  25. Ménilmontant (Charles Trenet) / Paris jet t'aime (Victor Schertzinger) / La goualante du pauvre Jean (Marguerite Mannot)

CD 2

Paul Mauriat et son orchestre - Single 221 201 Bel-Air (1963)

  1. Demain tu te maries (Patricia Carli, Léo Missir)
  2. Tu te reconnaîtras (Leny Escudero)
  3. La longue marche (J.W. Stole, Del Roma)
  4. Sylvie (Charles Aznavour)
    Richard Audrey et son orchestre (alias Paul Mauriat) - Single 221 020 Bel-Air (1959)
  5. Jazz Tango (Tito Fuggi, Yvon Alain)
  6. Luna Caprese (Pour mieux t'aimer) (Georges Gosset, Jean Grelbin, Luigi Ricciardi)
  7. Personality (Harold Logan, Lloyd Price)
  8. Tropical love (Léo Missir, Paul Mauriat)
    Richard Audrey et son orchestre - Single 221 037 Bel-Air (1960)
  9. La valse à mille temps (Jacques Brel)
  10. Marina (Jean Broussolle, Rocco Granata)
  11. Milord (Georges Moustaki, Marguerite Monnot)
  12. Adonis (Fernand Bonifay, George Goehring)
    Paul Mauriat et sa grande formation - Single EP 10.102 RGM (1957)
  13. La tendre piège (The Tender Trap) (Jimmy Van Heusen)
    Paul Mauriat et sa grande formation - Single EP RGM 10.103 (1957)
  14. La petit àne de l'Estoril (Hélène Simon, Claude Bolling)
  15. L'ombre sous la mer (Pierre Delanoë, Tacs Morakis)
  16. Les coquettes de Porto Rico (René Denoncin, Pia del Moro)
    Paul Mauriat et sa grande formation — Single 1106 RMG (1957
  17. Usignolo (Carlo Concina, Luigi Martelli, Gino Castellani)
    Eduardo Ruo et ses Cha Cha Boys (alias Paul Mauriat) - Extracts from LP "Viva Cha Cha Cha" on Bel-Air label -
    Single "Viva Cha Cha Cha" 321 003 Bel-Air (1959)
  18. Amor Amor Amor (Jacques Larue, Gabriel Ruiz)
  19. Love in Portofino (A San Cristina) (Jacques Larue, Fred Buscaglione)
  20. Le millionairen (André Salvet, Max Francois, Perez Prado)
  21. Je sais que vous êtes jolie (Henri Poupon, Henri Christiné)
  22. Ay! Ay! Ay! (Robert Valaire, Osman Pérez-Freire)
    Bonus Tracks:
    Single 221 113 Bel-Air (1962) (probably an alias by Paul Mauriat)
  23. Willy Twist et son orchestre - Hallali Twist (Paul Mauriat)
    Single 72619 Barclay (1963) TV Themes
  24. Paul Mauriat and Raymond Lefèvre - Perpetual Percussion - Theme from "La Roue Tourne" (Raymond Lefèvre, Paul Mauriat)
  25. Paul Mauriat and Raymond Lefè - West Marche - Theme from "Le Jeu des Cabines" (Raymond Lefèvre, Paul Mauriat)

Imagine rock and roll, samba and 'bubble gum' pop from the early 60s treated Mauriat style!? Incredible! I came across this exquisite collection of early Mauriat gems on eBay early this year (2016) and thought it deserved a separate review as an annexe to my review of Paul Mauriat's musical output in the 1960s.

Mauriat's early album TU VIENS DANSER released on Bel Air Records (France) is remastered for CD for the first time. Although the original was not recorded in stereo, the remastering has been better than expected. Listen to this through a vintage amplifier like a Marantz, Sansui or Luxman from the 60s or 70s, and you'll be overwhelmingly surprised how gloriously rich these recordings were – even in mono. Of course, the remastering process has tuned the recordings to the point where one does not feel the jarring distinctions between mono and stereo sounds. The last 8-9 tracks of each disc are definitely recorded in stereo in the original and their quality is helpfully retained in the CD versions.

TU VIENS DANSER brings back the youthful exuberance and dance rhythms of the era. Even for those of us who were born way after TU VIENS DANSER was released, this is music that fits the soundtrack of any happier time. When you listen to the Beatles and feel inspired to dig the other artistes of their time, put on Mauriat's interpretations of 1957-63. The tracks sampled above demonstrate how expertly Mauriat both captured and advanced the 'hipness' of the pop music of that era. Make sure you give yourself the space to move around while you listen! This is not music to sit by, and recline and fall asleep... it evokes far too many, many happy rhythms. The familiar favourites like Garde Moi La Dernière Danse (Save the Last Dance for Me) and Les Marrons Chauds (One Way Ticket), Amor Amor Amor, Ay-Ay-Ay, Love in Portofino, along with the classic French ballad Milord will be sure to get you up and about. It is no wonder that Mauriat once recorded under the chic name 'Eduardo Ruo et ses Cha Cha Boys'!

What was it about the energy and movement of 1960s pop that makes it so memorable? Mauriat captures it here magically, along with collaborations with Raymond Lefevre on a few tracks like Perpetual Percussion. I'll let his music do the rest of the 'talking' instead of my words. And be sure to put on these discs as a prelude to the gems that the maestro were rolling out album after album from 1965-6 onwards. Enjoy!