Gift CardIf you want to show your appreciation for this website, you can do it now!

All you have to do is send an Amazon Gift Certificate and from my part you will receive a special link for your generous contribution.

And here is how to do it. Go to Amazon USA's Gift Certificate page: Gift Certificate Link.
If you go to another page, remember to select the "E-mail a gift card" tab so the transaction is done electronically.

Next step is to fill in the form with the main three most important parts:

Gift Certificate Example

(1) The minimum Amount is $5, as per Amazon's guidelines.
(2) This Quantity field stays at 1, because there is only one recipient for this certificate.
(3) Recipient's email, type it exactly as shown on the image (ferhiga).

After that, the To: and From: fields are for reference. But please fill them in.

The Message can be left blank but maybe you can include something to let me know the nature of this gift.

Delivery date: stays at "Now", unless you want the gift to be sent on another date.

Once you have this data entered, click on "Add to order" and it will show you another page where you will place your form of payment details.

Of course, let me know if something didn't work out fine.

Every time I receive a Gift Certificate I will contact you with a special link to a video clip from one of these orchestras. You can indicate what your preference of orchestra/conductor is, in the Message field or in a separate email, but I have already selected some video clips from TV broadcasts (nothing official) and not a material obtained from a trade, so I have no problem with any of my friends!