Keith Lockhart conducts the Boston Pops:

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    This year will be my second year to perform together, and I feel very honored to be invited again. There must be many people out there who think that combining "GAGAKU" and an orchestra together is too unique. Recently I have been collaborating with orchestras on TV programs and performing with them overseas. With those experiences, I have come to realize that there are no boundaries to music. Words are not necessary, nor does it not have to be Japanese nor Western; as long as there is good music, it can move people. On this year's performance, the Boston Pops Orchestra with myself will perform "My Heart Will Go On" and one of my piece "New ASIA".
The Boston Pops Orchestra has the flexibility and the ability to perform a wide variety of music genres, and they really enjoy as they have great entertaining skills. Keith Lockhart, who so happens to be the same age as myself, enjoys himself as he shows that intention. Those things, I can relate to, and being able to perform with him is a great joy on my part, as it shows me new discoveries, and will give me great experience as well as become a treasure to me. Also, in autumn this year, I am scheduled to tour throughout Japan with my band members on my "I am with you" tour. I hope I can keep on giving people fresh new experiences and touch their hearts.
Hideki Togi