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2014 - 22nd annual Gospel Night concert

Charles Floyd conducting with Boston Pops Gospel Choir and Band with Take Six.


Event Information:
Orchestra conductor: Charles Floyd.
Guests: Samuel Moscoso.
Date: June 14, 2014.
Running Time: 100:30 minutes.
Location: Symphony Hall, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.


Event Information:
Boston Pops Gospel Choir vocal soloists:
Ayeesha Lane: "We Acknowlege You"
Sherylinn Sealy and Raymond Martin: "Not By Power"
Katani Summer: "I Go To the Rock"
Ida Kamrara and Carolyn Saxon: "There's Nobody Like Jesus"
Sharon Molden, Suzanne Buell, and Makeysha Montgomery:
"It's About Time For A Miracle"
Mildred Walker and Yolanda Water: "Take It To The Lord In Prayer"

Boston Pops Gospel Choir directed by Dennis L. Slaughter


Track Listing:

Part I:
Boston Pops Orchestra:

- "Kriegsmarsch der Priester" ("War March of the Priests") in F-major from Athalie, Op.74 (Felix Mendelssohn)
- "Baccanale" from the opera "Samson and Delilah" (Camille Saint-Saëns)
- "The Song of Solomon" (work-in-progress, excerpts - world premere) (Charles Floyd) Samuel Moscoso, tenor
I "Wisdom"
II "Love"
III "Prayer"

Part II:
Take Six with The Boston Pops Orchestra

- "Over the Hill is Home" (Chea/Dent)
- "Smile" (Chaplin/Dent)
- "Lullaby" (Chea/Lins/Dent)
- "He Never Sleeps" (Moen/Dent)
- "Bless This House" (Brahe)
- "Mary Don't You Weep" (Traditional)

Part III:
The Boston Pops Orchestra, Gospel Choir and Band

- "We Acknowlege You" (Lawrence/Floyd)
- "Not By Power" (Butler/Searight/Floyd)
- "I Go To the Rock" (Rambo/Floyd)
- "There's Nobody Like Jesus" (Hobbs/Floyd)
- "It's About Time For A Miracle" (Butts/Floyd)
- "Take It To The Lord In Prayer" (Traditional/Floyd)

Charles Floyd conducting

Charles Floyd

Samuel Moscoso

Samuel Moscoso

Take Six

Take Six at the Boston Pops