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2010 - Film Night at Tanglewood: John Williams and The Boston Pops Orchestra

John Williams conducting with Buti Young Artist Chorus.


Event Information:
Event: The George and Roberta Berry Supporting Organization Concert.
Orchestra conductor: John Williams.
Host: Robert Osborne.
Date: Saturday, August 14, 2010.
Location: Koussevitsky Music Shed at Tanglewood. Lennox, Massacusetts, USA.


Event Information:
Celebrating films of Steven Spielberg
The annual Film Night concert is a celebration of music from the movies. In his 30th summer at Tanglewood, John Williams presents a memorable evening that recreates some of the great musical moments in Hollywood history.


Track Listing:

Part I:
John Williams conducting the Boston Pops Orchestra:

- "Hooray for Hollywood" [1937] (Richard Whiting / Arr. John Williams)
- Suite from "Sunset Boulevard" [1950] (Franz Waxman)
- Scene d'Amour from "Vertigo" [1957] (Bernard Herrmann)
- Forest Meeting and March from "Spartacus" [1960] (Alex North)
- Chinatown [1974] (Jerry Goldsmith)
- Themes from Lawrence of Arabia [1962] (Maurice Jarre)

Part II:
"Celebrating Steven Spielberg"

- Theme and Barrel Chase Sequence from "Jaws" [1975]
- Themes from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" [1977] 8:00
- Exultate Justi from "Empire of the Sun" [choral] [1987] with Buti Young Artists Chorus
- Dry Your Tears, Afrika from "Amistad" [choral] [1997] with Buti Young Artists Chorus
- Themes from "1941" [1979]
- "Schindler's List" [1993]
- A Tribute to Steven Spielberg:
Close Encounters/Jaws/Jurassic Park/Munich/E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
- March from Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark [1987]

The radio broadcast includes an interview to John Williams of 14 minutes. 

John Williams

John Williams

Robert Osborne

Robert Osborne