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LM-2638 / LSC-2638, RCA Victor USA

  1. Fiddle-Faddle (Leroy Anderson)
  2. Blue Tango (Leroy Anderson)
  3. Sleigh Ride (Leroy Anderson)
  4. The Waltzing Cat (Leroy Anderson)
  5. Jazz Pizzicato - Jazz Legato (Leroy Anderson)
  6. Saraband (Leroy Anderson)
  7. The Syncopated Clock (Leroy Anderson)
  8. Classical Juke Box - Based on Music, Music, Music (Leroy Anderson)
  9. Plink, Plank, Plunk (Leroy Anderson)
  10. Belle of the Ball (Leroy Anderson)
  11. Serenata (Leroy Anderson)
  12. Chicken Reel (Leroy Anderson)